this is an adventure.



That's what I said to Mike the moment we first booked two out of state weddings back to back, and committed to shooting 5 weddings in 3 states in 2 weeks. I thought, If we get through this, we can do anything. When we started this venture six years ago, I had no idea where it would take us. I didn't know if we'd succeed or fail, burn out, or thrive and I was a little terrified to find out.

Less than a year later, I left my steady, reliable design job (with lots of nice people and a beautiful office) to explore the business full time. Mike supported me every step of the way, and together we built something from nothing. 50+ weddings and hundreds of lifestyle and commercial projects later, I'm proud to say we're still here, still evolving and growing. Over the years I’ve kept my toes in the design world, and am proud to say I’m doing a little bit of everything I love at the moment (maybe too much sometimes).

In addition to lifestyle and brand work, you can find my architectural photography portfolio here:



I'm Kate, an animal-loving vegetarian fueled by one-on-one conversations, yoga and large amounts of coffee. Seriously, I'll do almost anything for a good latte. I took my first film photography class at age 9. Yes, FILM! And I still shoot film on occasion (check out our "adventure" tab if you want to see some). I've always been a creator, artist, and photographer, but I'm classically trained as an interior designer. I am always starting random projects, saying yes too much, and tearing the house apart even though messes drive me crazy.



While starting a business may have been my brainchild, Mike's the reason we're still standing. As he would say, I'm the heart and he's the brain. He's the steady conscience and the voice of reason. My partner in crime, amazing second shooter, and our lighting expert (I just gave him that title. He doesn't know yet). But seriously, Mike has mastered that fly-on-the-wall approach to photojournalism, adding a unique depth to our wedding collections.